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Edmonton Public Schools values the partnership of staff, students, parents and community in supporting teaching and learning.

Some of the ways in which parents may volunteer at Julia Kiniski School include:

  • Supervising on field trips or outdoor games days
  • Leading a small group during in-school workshops
  • Being a reading mentor
  • Materials preparation
  • Helping to shelve books in the library
  • Assisting students with home reading programs
  • Serving on the School Council
  • Helping with hot lunch and snack days                                                            

If you are interested in volunteering at Julia Kiniski School, please speak directly to your child’s teacher or with the administration about how help may be needed.

As a volunteer, you must complete and submit a Volunteer Registration Form and sign a Volunteering Confidentiality Policy.

In addition, for all field trips and work with students, it is helpful for volunteers to understand that:

  •  A lead teacher is in charge of each field trip. The teacher will provide the volunteers with instructions for the supervisory tasks. Volunteers are encouraged to ask the teacher for clarification if needed.
  • The primary role of the volunteer on field trips is to help with supervision and student safety; to create a smaller ratio of students to adults; and to help students with understanding the learning and completing the tasks. As such, as per EPSB Field Trip Administrative Regulation GICA.AR, only those parents or guardians who are authorized supervisors, as requested by the teacher, shall accompany students on a field trip. In addition, younger siblings are not permitted to attend field trips.
  • Mobile phones should be turned off while volunteers supervise students and accompany classes on field trips. The lead teacher will always have access to communication with the school should an emergency arise. 
  • Supervising parents may only take photos of their children and not of any other children on the field trip without advance written consent from the parents of those children.