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 Julia Kiniski Education Society

For many years, Julia Kiniski School has been fortunate to work in partnership with the Julia Kiniski Education Society (JKES). Through the work of its executive and countless school and community volunteers over the years, the Julia Kiniski Education Society has provided numerous high-quality resources and experiences to enhance the learning for our students. These have included new technologies, library resources, books for home reading programs, sound systems, fine arts programs, learning centre resources, physical fitness resources and outdoor education experiences. Once each year, compliments of JKES, our students dress up in their finest attire to attend the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra School Program. Our students and staff are extremely grateful for the support provided by JKES. This nonprofit society also benefits the larger community by supporting our neighbouring Burnewood Park Rejuvenation Project and E4C's School Lunch Program in other Edmonton City Centre schools.