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As neighbours to the Burnewood Community League, Julia Kiniski School has a positive working relationship with the local community. Our classes enjoy use of the local skating rink and the playground and have also been supported by the community league through support for citizenship and physical education resources. Through the Burnewood Community Park Rejuvenation Project, our students are enjoying the beauty of new trees along the field, and access to new pathways, benches, and a toboggan hill.


Reporting Vandalism

We are requesting support from all residents of the community in reporting any acts of a suspicious nature or vandalism.

If you see persons:

  • on the roof of the school
  • throwing objects at windows or doors
  • loitering around entrances after hours
  • lighting fires
  • writing graffiti
  • destroying shrubbery, playground equipment, flags or fences
  • with weapons of any kind
  • committing any other suspicious acts

Please Call the Edmonton Police Services at (780) 423-4567 or 911 if it is an Emergency.