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Children who live within school boundaries are encouraged to walk to and from school. Parents may also choose to drive students, though parking near the school can be congested during peak hours. Please see the section below on parking.

Beginning in September 2023, children coming from Maple neighbourhood and students who live further than 1km from school may be eligible for busing to Julia Kiniski School. Busing is provided in the Maple neighbourhood, which does not have a school in their area, and Julia Kiniski is the designated school. Information about applying for busing can be found here.

Student safety on the way to and from school is everyone's responsibility. You can help us to keep children safe with the following tips.

Students who are walking to school should:

  • Walk with a friend or a sibling. 
  • Go directly to and from school. Do not stop to play at the playground. The local playground is not on school property and is therefore not supervised except when a teacher or lunch supervisor takes a group of children there. Children are expected to go home first before returning to play at the playground and should always have a responsible adult supervisor while there.
  • Be aware of their surroundings at all times. If a child becomes suspicious of someone, the child should return to school immediately.
  • Always use the crosswalk at the corner, and always obey the AMA Safety Patrols. 

Parents, please be positive role models for all of our students by using the crosswalk and following the directions of the AMA Safety Patrols.

Parking and Student Drop-Off

At Julia Kiniski School, we believe in the SAFETY of your children over the CONVENIENCE of parking for parents.  

Most parents and guests at the school do follow our parking expectations. Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe.

You may drop off students at this school in TWO places.

  1. On the street, beside the curb of the sidewalk, and
  2. In the Community League Parking lot

There is NO PARKING or Student Drop-off allowed in:

  • The bus lay-by-bay out front of the school at anytime. This is for buses, daycare vans and truck deliveries ONLY.
  • The staff parking lot: these stalls are reserved 24 hours /day for staff.  The stalls in the lay-by-bay may be used by guests, such as healthcare partners or consultants who are working in the school during the time they are being used. 

Recently, some parents from the School Council and school administration met with a community liaison police officer,  Constable Scott Gargan, in a workshop to discuss parking safety.

The following five issues were identified as the top problems observed during peak drop-off times:

  1. Parents dropping off children in the middle of the road.  
  2. Parents jay-walking with children. 
  3. U-turns at the T intersection. 

These are all examples of UNSAFE practices by parents. Effective immediately, the School Council, school administration, and our community police officers invite you to participate in an “OBSERVE AND REPORT” Program. If you see anyone breaking the law by doing any of the above three unsafe practices, please do the following:

  1. Record the license plate # and the problem.
  2. Report the license plate number to Edmonton Police Services.

Jaywalking carries a fine of $250.00.  Doing a U-turn can get you a fine of $115.00.

The Safety of ALL children at our school is a shared responsibility.

Please CHOOSE Safety over Convenience!